I graduated! Senior year was rather drawn-out, so it is good to be done.  My plans for the near future are also set.  During the summer, I will be attending the REU at Penn State (as I have already mentioned).  This actually starts in less than a week.  In the fall, I will be an undergraduate at Harvard.

The extent to which I keep posting will likely depend on how much time and energy I have at Penn State, along with the topic of my research project (about which I know next to nothing now).  However, I do know that I will resume blogging about more expository (and older) topics, since I have finished talking about my last project.  It would be criminal to leave off class field theory right before the Artin reciprocity law, so I—as a mildly self-respecting blogger—will post a few times more on the subject.

In addition, I’ve been trying to collect together the various posts I’ve done on algebraic number theory into some sort of sheaf of notes, but it has yet to attain even quasi-coherence.  I know I will regret this someday, but here is the current messy version.  I’ll try to flesh these out a bit over the next few weeks and clean it up.  So far, except for Chapter 0, it literally consists of my blog posts, one after another.

As an undergraduate, it is necessary for me to shore up the basics before pushing too far into fancier stuff like class field theory.  Nevertheless, I will try to keep the subject matter on this blog as advanced as I can, insofar as possible.  (Which is to say that I’m making no long-term promises, since  readers know full well that I tend to break them anyway.)