There are a bunch of new and not-so-new but interesting mathematical blogs on the internet.

First of all, there’s SymOmega.  This is by three mathematicians at the University of Western Australia.  There is a diverse collection of blog posts, ranging from etiquette at conferences to maximal subgroups of the symmetric group.  This will likely be especially interesting to those who like combinatorics, group theory, and geometry, though I don’t know enough to comment on the more technical posts.

Another is Andy Octavian’s blog.  The author is apparently an undergraduate interested in theoretical physics, though many of the posts are pure mathematics–especially differential geometry.  What he discuss is more sophisticated than what I’ve been doing here and what I’m likely to get to in the next few weeks, so I likely won’t overlap.  Anyway, it seems to deserve more linking to in the blathosphere (and the corresponding sphere for physics).

Yet another is Bounded Rationality.  It seems to be a mix of math and economics, by two students at UCLA.  On the math side, the blog includes discussions complex analysis and measure theory based on exercises from apparently Terence Tao’s notes.  In fact, it looks like they’re (like this blogger!) writing their posts to understand mathematics better.   I don’t know enough about economics to comment on the other half.