I’ve created two new pages: a bibliography, and a collection of old writings.

The bibliography is for me to list the sources I use (or plan to use shortly) in writing this blog.  It’s also a list of books that I’ve found helpful in various fields, so perhaps it will be useful to others learning about the same type of material.  Currently I’ve found the books by Folland, Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, and Taylor, Partial Differential Equations, to be excellently written and well motivated. Taylor’s book also ties in the differential geometry (more so than Folland).   The style is uniformly clean but leisurely, and both books are more-or-less self-contained.

Also, I collected together some old notes I’ve written for various reasons and posted them in case anyone might find them helpful.  For instance, I wrote an expository paper on integral equations a few years back for a seminar course, which I was pleased to stumble across, since I did not remember it.  That may become a blog post in the future.