So MaBloWriMo was kind of a failure for me. I did make the fifteen posts I planned for, but I said much less than I had hoped to, and dropped out near the end of the month. I also did not keep my promise of a series of posts on local cohomology. Those may happen someday, but I do not think I will have the time to do that in the near future.

Nonetheless, it turned out that my commutative algebra course covered most of the material that I was planning to write about (e.g. regular local rings, homological theory, etc.). Since I have taken detailed notes for that class, I still ended up writing about the material in some way. I have created a website where I have posted these notes and many more things.

For the winter, my priority is to study stable homotopy theory. There are other topics that I also want to read about (mostly in algebraic geometry), but I am planning to take a topics course in topology next semester that will require this, so it probably will be the focus on this blog. My knowledge of homotopy theory in general right now is very limited, though. So I hope to begin talking about spectra soon, and with the additional free time that I now have, posts may actually be somewhat frequent.