My name is Akhil Mathew.  I’m currently a high school senior interested in mathematics.  This is my mathematics blog.

I first became exposed to the blathosphere as a sophomore after a mentor of mine pointed me to Terence Tao’s blog.  I soon discovered after clicking on the links that there were numerous blaths already on the web, many of which were accessible to me. 

I joined the blathosphere in the summer of 2009 at the group blog Delta Epsilons, started by the mathematics students of that year’s Research Science Institute.  Eventually, prodded by comments there, I found that my typical style of blogging, which often includes long series of posts and a textbookish style, was ultimately unsuitable for the motto of Delta Epsilons: mathematical research and problem solving.

So, while I’m going to remain a contributor to Delta Epsilons, I’ve started this to create an additional outlet where I can post to learn math better.  I plan to post entries more suitable to Delta Epsilons–by which I mean resembling a crisp expository article than a chapter in a book–in both locations.

The tentative topics I intend to talk about in the future are diverse.  Right now I’m in the middle of a MaBloWriMo sequence on differential geometry.  But in the future I’m considering discussing topological K-theory, algebraic geometry, and harmonic analysis.  In the long run, one of my ambitious hopes is to understand the Atiyah-Singer index theorem (and its proof), which may also become a topic.  However, my interests change too quickly for me to predict with any reliability.   I hope this will make it interesting.

Incidentally, you might be wondering why I have an introductory post after over sixty posts in the archives: those are the textbookish entries that I made at Delta Epsilons, copied here for completeness.